Don't DIS my ABILITY 2015 is here!

Find out what's happening for this year's campaign

Don't DIS my ABILITY celebrates the diversity and ability of people with disability.The campaign begins on Monday 30 November and will run until Sunday 13 December in 2015.

Inclusion is about U and I

The focus this year is on building an inclusive community through awareness and understanding. The Don't DIS my ABILITY campaign will be providing everyday Australians with the tools to help them interact with and be more inclusive of people with disability, all day, everyday.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook and Twitter communities for a chance to share your story, connect with our awesome Don't DIS my ABILITY community, keep up with the latest campaign news, find resources and to show your support for inclusion on Facebook!

Watch and share our Day In The Life Of video with ambassador Graeme Innes. Our other featured video, Say It To My Face, will warm your heart and challenge your preconceptions about people with disability. 

NO OFFENCE, BUT! Comedy Cabaret is back for 2015 with a kids matinee and 18 + events on 30 November 2015. 

Disability is no laughing matter, but our etiquette fails are!

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