A dilapidation inspection refers to a thorough check of the condition of any property at a certain time. An inspector records everything, from the current state of the building to the existing damages it has. Dilapidation inspections doesn’t deal with just dilapidated homes but rather all kinds of structures such as old and new homes, bridges, pavements, and any structure built by man. The report will then serve as a proof just in case an adjacent construction has caused damage to the building. Here are the reasons why it is important to conduct a dilapidation survey.

Extra Precautionary Measure

Dilapidation inspections deal with recording the current condition of the building. Aside from that, it also outlines the existing damages in the building and surveys areas that are more prone to damage. This step helps you in becoming extra careful around these areas for safety purposes. The inspection comprises the entire building; from walls, ceilings, floors, downpipes, gutter, and all the other house structures. The inspector will keep a record of everything through a written report, photographs, and even video. Getting a third party dilapidation inspector helps you gain an unbiased insight about the present condition of your building. For budget-friendly solutions, check out one of the most affordable dilapidation report services around Melbourne.

Know the Building’s Condition Before Construction

If a construction project is going to be conducted near your home or building, having a dilapidation inspection is essential before the work commences. By knowing the current condition, damages, and weak spots of your building, you can perform proper precautionary measures to lessen the damaging effects to your structure. It can also be used as a guide to help bring back an area into its original state, in case it was changed during the construction.

Serves as Legal Evidence

Most likely, the developers or contractors are the ones being blamed for structural damages on adjoining properties. A dilapidation report can serve as legal evidence especially when claims are being made. Whether you’re the property owner or a contractor, having a third party company to inspect your building provides a bias-free perspective. For property owners, you’ll know whether your claim is rightful or not through a dilapidation report. Contractors, on the other hand, will also know whether they are liable for the damages incurred to adjoining properties.

Lesser Reconstruction Costs

There’s a huge possibility that your building will take some damage from a nearby construction project. A dilapidation report can help you get reconstruction support when it is proven that the damages on your property were caused by the construction nearby. Instead of fully paying for the reconstruction, you can make a claim and receive assistance from the contractor or the developer of the project. It also saves time since you don’t have to undergo long disagreements and discussions to prove who’s responsible for the damages done.

Dilapidation inspections are really a great help on both the property owner and the developers. Keep your home protected by hiring an inspector to do a thorough check of your property.

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