Nominate a 2014 Don't DIS my ABILITY ambassador

The International Day of People with Disability is celebrated annually in NSW through the Don't DIS my ABILITY campaign.

The campaign celebrates the diversity and ability of people with disability by promoting positive perceptions and building an environment that encourages active participation in careers, leisure pursuits as well as social activities.

Ambassadors support and strengthen the delivery of Don’t DIS my ABILITY by serving as the voice of the campaign to the community. With help from campaign staff, ambassadors are mentored to communicate key campaign messages, share personal stories and, ultimately raise awareness of the abilities and achievements of people with disability during November and December 2014.

We are seeking nominations for ambassadors across NSW from a range of backgrounds, ages and disabilities.

To be eligible nominees must live in NSW and have a disability. Department of Family and Community Services staff are not eligible.

Nominations have now closed. Stay tuned for who will be announced as our 2014 ambassadors.

See some of our ambassadors from past campaigns

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