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Career in Flight / Ready for take off

Abdul Karim Bouchafaa

Hi, I’m Abdul Karim Bouchafaa. In 2016, my career has finally taken off, and I can really say that I am living my dream.

Pay day

Alanna Julian

After Alanna Julian left school in 2002 all she wanted was to get a job. Like many people with disability she was encouraged to do volunteer work to build up her skills and get some experience, but as Alanna discovered there’s a point at which a person really should be paid for the work they are doing.

Business of Inclusion

Sean Willenberg
Sean Willenberg knows first-hand the benefits to business that result when there is greater inclusion. A former café owner who employed inclusively and now Disability Inclusion Promotions Officer at the NSW Business Chamber he is perfectly suited to support companies and organisations become disability confident on their path to inclusion.

I’ve got 99 problems but my wheelchair ain’t one...

Paul Nunnari
For many people with disability the importance placed on a possible recovery from disability presents a limited view on how their life is valued by the community. Disability advocate aerial performer and wheelchair user Paul Nunnari challenges all of us not to be so quick to assume the negative impact that disability has in the life of a person with disability.


Donna Purcell
Human Resources professional and Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassador Donna Purcell is a big fan of mentoring and the important role it has played in her own career. She's now a mentor to young professionals, some of whom have a disability. Donna supports them to navigate the barriers to participation they regularly face in education and in the work force.

Remembering Stella Young

Georgia Cranko
This year on 6 December marks a year since the sudden and untimely death of writer, comedian and disability activist Stella Young. The impact that Stella had on the conversation and perception of disability is something the disability community is still grappling with. Georgia Cranko, also a disability advocate reflects on the loss she feels a year on with Don’t DIS MY ABILITY.

Putting the pieces together

Alanna Julian
Bullying is a serious issue with up to one in four students reporting they have experienced bullying of some kind, according to a recent Australian study.* Unsurprisingly the incidence is more common among young people with disability. One person committed to making the experience of school much better for others than it was for her is Alanna Julian who speaks out about bullying in her role as a Living Life My Way ambassador.  

From advocate to educator

Abdul-Karim Bouchafaa
Don’t’ DIS my ABILITY Ambassador Abdul-Karim Bouchafaa is creating the life he wants through the effective management of his individual funding. Karim now wants to help others do the same so that they can live out their dreams.

One arm, one microphone

Shane Cubis
When you've conquered the Paralympics, received the Order of Australia and been an advocate for people with disabilities since you were a kid, you can only wonder what's next on the to-do list? If you're Tracy Barrell, a Don't DIS My ABILITY ambassador, it's time to move into comedy! A triple congenital amputee who won gold medals in Barcelona despite intimidation and a kidnapping, she's making her joke-telling debut at the No Offence, BUT! Comedy Cabaret on November 30. 

Here comes the bride

Carly Findlay
Marriage or finding love is often considered a no-go zone for people with a disability. Not so according to loved-up bride-to-be Carly Findlay who says love really doesn’t discriminate.

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