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Normal is Over

Jennie Fenton

Social inclusion advocate and speaker Jennie Fenton is calling it, society's preoccupation with normal (and what's not) is as realistic a concept as the Kardashians. It is a limiting and divisive aspiration and in desperate need of challenging, immediately, if not sooner!

Let’s get to the part when I’m just me

By William Le
For Don't DIS my ABILITY Ambassador William Le there's inclusion and then there's true inclusion, which he defines as being accepted for everything that he is, not just his disability by others as well as himself. 

Speak out

Gerard O'Dwyer

Speaking in public or in front of an audience large or small can frighten the living daylights out of even the most confident person. But not for actor and Don’t DIS Ambassador Gerard O’Dwyer who is a pro at making audiences laugh and cry as he shares his story about living with Down Syndrome and advocating for greater equality for people with disability. Gerard shares his experience and tips for making an awesome address.

Ambassadors in the news

Our 2014 Don't DIS my ABILITY ambassadors are sharing their stories in local and state media. 

Turning dreams into reality

Darien Brown
Darien Brown, 2014 Don’t DIS My ABILITY ambassador and No Offence, But! cabaret comedy star, shares his secret for a fulfilling life.

Meet Katelyn

Katelyn Gales
Get to know 2014 Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassador Katelyn Gales.

My photography

Bodene Davies
Don’t DIS my ABILITY 2014 ambassador Bodene Davies shares her passion for photography.

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