Pallet racking might seem easy when you look at it on a surface level. However, a good racking system is founded on certain specifics to ensure safety and efficiency in your warehouse. Improper pallet racking systems don’t only affect the organization of your storage area but also causes harm or injury to your workers. For starters, read along to learn the most common pallet mistakes and how you can correct them.

Buying More than What You Need

While it is cheaper to purchase the number of racks that you only need, you can actually save a lot when you also invest for your future needs. Some manufacturers offer a discounted price when you buy in bulk so take advantage of this. Just remember to store unused racks properly away from moisture to protect them from wear and tear. Better Storage offers storage products of exceptional quality across Australia. They’re also the finest among Brisbane pallet racking service committed to providing excellent work.

Considering Used Racks Like New

Even if they can function similar to new racks, old ones still have its downsides. They already have some slight damages to never expect optimum performance from them. There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing used racks such as safety, durability, capacity and maintenance. On the other hand, you could really save a lot when investing in used racks so there’s nothing wrong in trying it.

Getting the Wrong Size of Racks

When purchasing pallet racks, keep in mind the height and width of your products to be stored. Also, the pallet size must coincide with the reach of your lift trucks. A miscalculation can lead to useless racks or additional expense by buying a new forklift.

Neglecting Height to Depth Ratio

Always keep this in mind when stacking loads. If your pallet rack is designed to accommodate high stacking height and low storage depth, you might consider adding anchors, ties or baseplates to keep them stable and prevent slip-outs.

Not Choosing a Universal Rack

A universal rack such as the teardrop style makes it easier for you to expand your storage system. Do away with unconventional racking styles since they can lead to additional expenses soon when developing your warehouse capacity.

Consider Freight Costs

When comparing pallet racks, include its corresponding freight fees. It is best to choose manufacturers nearest to your place to save on freight expenses.

Ignoring Damages

Your rack is up and then you notice a tiny damage on the structure. Never compromise your workers’ safety by ignoring it. No matter how small the damage may be, it really affects the pallet rack’s load capacity and durability. Always contact the manufacturer immediately for repairs or replacement.


While you may think that slightly exceeding the weight limit of the rack is safe, think twice. Overloading a rack may cause it to collapse which can injure your workers and damage your products.

Always keep these tips in mind to maintain integrity and safety of your racking systems. An expert can help you determine and map out the best pallet racking solution for your warehouse.

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