Some of us think that brushing alone is enough to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Unfortunately, there is more to oral hygiene aside from proper tooth brushing. Study more on the holistic way of keeping our teeth healthy.


This is the first step in achieving a clean smile. Always use fluoride toothpaste when brushing. Fluoride helps strengthen and protect our teeth against bacteria that cause cavities. When brushing, make sure to clean all reachable surfaces of your teeth, including the back parts. Include your tongue also as some bacteria lodge there waiting to attack.


Next to brushing, this step is crucial in cleaning the hard to reach places in between teeth. Bacteria in these tiny gaps can cause gum disease if left to thrive. Floss gently to avoid injuring your gums.




Rinsing with a mouthwash after the first two steps gives an overall clean feeling to your mouth. This also gives you a longer lasting fresher breath.

Tips in Caring for Our Teeth

Step up your oral care with these easy to remember tips.

  • Caring for your toothbrush – Dentists recommend that your toothbrush must be replaced every 3 months, although you may replace it sooner if it already looks worn out and frayed. Always clean your toothbrush thoroughly after brushing and let it dry to prevent bacteria from thriving in it.
  • Watch your intake – Steer away from sugary food and drinks such as soft drinks, artificial juices, chips and Opt for healthier options such as milk, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Visit your dentist regularly – It is recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months or twice a year. This helps early detection of problem spots and provides immediate treatment. Peninsula Dental Care offers exceptional dental services for all ages. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website.

Free Dental Services for Kids

Children ages 2 to 17 years old can have their dental service in our clinic for free. This is to ensure that every child’s dental health is well taken care of. Our friendly and caring dentists provide the best dental experience for kids. Contact us to know if your child is eligible for this offer.

General Adult Dentistry

Our clinic offers great dental packages fit for the family. Since people’s dental needs vary across age, we offer consultation and assessment for each patient to know what service he needs. Our skilled practitioners perform dental services such as tooth extraction, root canal, dental implants, dentures, teeth whitening and regular cleaning. Each package is tailored to suit each client’s needs. We also make sure that our patients leave the clinic satisfied with the results of their procedure.

Preventive Dental Care

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular visits to the dentist help prevent common oral problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and halitosis. We also increase the client’s awareness of oral care by educating them on proper ways to care for their teeth and gums. Learn more which package suits you by messaging us.

Keeping your teeth at their best is essential. Though you might fail sometimes, always remember that a good dentist is always your teeth’s best friend.


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