Maximizing warehouse efficiency remains a top priority albeit a muddling problem to tackle at that. There are many aspects to consider (from staffing to schedules and workloads) and most often too many changes make for much confusion amongst the working staff. So you need to identify the best strategy for your company. Hopefully, the following tips will help you out on the matter!


Above all else, you need a manager who knows his two cents worth. He needs to be trained and efficient in his knowledge so as to direct his team. Spending on a good manager will ensure that a Warehouse Management System is in place to record data and he will be able to use this information accurately and put in the time and effort to understand new research and practices to implement in the company. A good manager will thoroughly understand the products and how they need to be stored and keep his employees’ energy high.


Maximizing warehouse efficiency will depend a lot on how well you can optimize your storage space. Visit for more options on storage racking systems. But once installed, you have a different matter entirely- seeing that you keep your storage under control. Objects have a way of accumulating so you’ll have to engage in the occasional clean up. Also, make sure that heavier loads are kept on the bottom and nothing is blocking the aisle. Once you start running low on space, don’t expand out- expand up. Maximize your vertical space to the best of your ability, compress your shelf levels narrow those aisles in.


How do you create any cost reduction or performance enhancing strategy without first knowing what you’re dealing with? From critical productivity to costs on shipped orders and returns, you need to know your measurements. Once established, you can identify which department is lacking and give your employees feedback accordingly.


You need to be able to track and communicate your key metrics effectively. Key metrics may differ with each company but they still remain relatively easy to measure. Break down the metrics that measure productivity to be able to identify key metrics that you can work on and drive development across. Then you have to work on your communication with your employees. Up their productivity by giving them real-time information (for example, how many orders they have picked up today, orders left to pick, picking time etc.). This could even stir up some friendly competition and raise motivation further.

Custom Kitting Strategies

To do this, you’ll be grouping components that are often used together in custom kits to reduce your inventory handling time as well as maximize your storage space.


Hold a meeting at least once a month to review and discuss how you can up your numbers with your employees. They are the masters of their work and know best about what is bogging them down and how they can improve.

Using these steps you can identify your problem areas and significantly boost your warehouse operations!

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