If you are not familiar with operating a computer, worry not. You can learn and be efficient in your work with plenty of tutorials and basic guidelines. There are many things and features in a computer that can be daunting at first, but not only have computers become simpler over time, it is also easy to learn about them and practice often. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various features that you may find interesting, this is one of the quickest ways to learn. This article will give you some guidelines on how to set up your computer and how to safely browse the internet.

Setting up The Computer

This set up process is mainly for a desktop computer. There are 4 main items that you must ensure are properly connected before you can start using the computer. This is the CPU or the tower, the monitor, keyboard and the mouse. These should be placed next to a power source. These are the key things that you need in order to connect to the computer and be able to use it. You can always add more accessories and peripherals to it later. If you are using a laptop, the setup process is significantly less. All you have to do is ensure that your laptop is placed in to a power source and is charged well in order to begin using it. All the applications and the best estimating software available can be installed later.

Creating the User Account

For a first time user, then you will be asked to create a user account as soon as you switch on your computer. This is the account that holds all your documents, photos, and any other files that you create and want saved. In case your computer is set on a public setting, then you may want to consider creating a strong password to protect all of your documents and personal information. Even if you are using the computer at home, it is highly recommended to have a password on it.

Get Familiar with the Features on Your Desktop

You will find yourself coming to the desktop often and this is because it will be your main work area. It is your desktop that appears each time you log in to your account and this space contains all the shortcuts and icons to the programs and files you use often. The functionality of the desktop depends on which operating system you have.

Learn To Use the Mouse and Keyboard Basics

The keyboard and the mouse are the primary ways of interacting with the computer. Therefore, you must take the time to get familiar with how they work. Learn the simple ways of navigating the mouse and control what you do with the computer. Keyboard shortcuts will improve your work flow and make working more efficient.

Setting Up the Internet Connection

Your computer will need access to an internet connection in order to connect to the internet. This may be through a wireless network or you may have to connect to a network router or modem directly.

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