Australia has always been a thriving centre of global production, and is quite clearly shown with the many industries established in the country. Ranging from home grown industries to industries brought about by foreign companies, Australia is a world of opportunity and growth for any business. As a result of such production in these growing industries that cater to the increasing demands of the global population, vast amounts of warehouses have been built to store a myriad of products coming of the production line. However, these products are often palletised and are heavy for just one man to carry and store it on the warehouse shelf, thus the reason as to why the forklift is such a handy vehicle. There are a number of forklifts in operation throughout Australian warehouses, but here are just some of the more common types used; 

Industrial Reach Forklift

These are forklifts that are quite small, however, are very handy for any warehouse situation due to the elongated reach it has. In other words, if you are looking to find a machine that can lift heavy weights, as well as reach high corners of the shelves in the warehouse, then this type of forklift is perfect for the job. What makes this even more versatile is the ease of operation, as the controls are straightforward and can be operated by any individual who has a general forklift license.

Industrial Counterbalance Forklift

These are quite similar to reach forklifts, however, are quite bigger. These forklifts can carry a larger weight and can sometimes be a bit more rugged than reach forklifts. Just like reach forklifts, they are easy to operate and can be easily maintained for long periods, making it all the more durable. There are a number of counterbalance forklifts out there in the market, including three-wheeled ones that allow for more manoeuvrability in the narrow aisles of the warehouse.

Industrial Side Loader Forklift

These types of forklifts may be considered to be one of the more utilitarian forklifts, as these forklifts can lift heavy loads and objects even in the most awkward of positions. These forklifts have forks on the side and can be easily manoeuvred through narrow aisles. Making this type of forklift all the more utilitarian is the rotation of the wheels to a full 90 degree angle, justifying the fact that the forklift can be lift loads and objects even when they are placed in a difficult position.

Pedestrian Pallet Forklift

This is the is most common type of Forklift For Sale Victoria Melbourne, since it can carry heavy loads with ease and does not take much space, making operations all the more smoother in the warehouse. These are often operated in a stand-up position due to the small size of it.

The types of forklifts are wide and varied, depending on the purpose it is used for. Due to the varying purposes of these forklifts, warehouse operations in Australia have become efficient in their operations, which has contributed to the growth of the economy.

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