It is extremely rare to find that special someone that makes you laugh when you don’t even want to smile. If you feel that you have found the love of your life, who has always been beside you on both your good and bad days then you shouldn’t let that person go. It is important to also show love and appreciation and express your love for them. So if you are new to a relationship and don’t know much about surprising your man then here are few things you could do.

Little Things That Matter

In a relationship it is the little things that matter. They help you to build your relationship, so instead of just showing love on special days you need to work on it every single day. For example if you know that your partner is having a long day at work then you could cook his favourite dinner. This will truly lighten up his mood because nobody wants to cook after a hectic day at work. You could also be the first one to say sorry, usually we women always wait for our partner to start the conversation after a fight. But you need to know that there could be flaws on your side as well, so for a change you could be the one who puts relationship before the ego. Also for example if you borrow his car then you could do him a favour by filling in gas, even more than what was there before. These are simple ways of showing gratitude.

Attention on Special Days

Love should not be limited on special days. For example a lot of people wait for Valentine’s Day to show their partner how much they mean to them, this could be avoided but you could always show attention on those special days such as birthdays. Just like how you like surprises, he too would love to have one. So if he is working till late then you could plan up a surprise candle light dinner at his house. So he walks in and gets surprised by all the effort you have put it. You could also give him a gift, and this could be your chance to help in upgrade his wardrobe and make him look stylish. For example long sleeve polo look amazing on men.

Let Him Have His Game

A lot of women get irritated when their boyfriends are in front of the TV all the time either watching cricket or playing their favourite video game. This needs to be avoided, as long as he gives you enough attention and time you need to respect his personal space as well. Just like how you are an individual, he is too so let him do things that bring happiness instead of fighting over it. You should also let him spend time with his friends. It is sad that couples fight over simple things about this, you need to communicate and let each other have their private space. Otherwise you both will feel suffocated and frustrated in the relationship.

Hope the above things make your man happy and make your relationship far stronger.

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