There are times when we need to add some extra space whether it is on our home or shop. Constructing a new building is what comes to mind of most people. However, it takes a lot of time to complete and could cost a lot depending on what kind you are building. If you’re looking for a quick solution for your space problem, there’s an easy and budget-friendly way to do so – getting a portable building. Here are some creative ways to use portable buildings for that extra space you need.


If you need additional space for a motorcycle, a portable building is one of the best solutions you have. There are durable portable buildings where you can keep your ride away from the harsh outdoor conditions especially when not in use. It keeps away rain, snow, sunlight and other damaging factors while saving up on space and costs of constructing a new building.


Whether you’re a painter, a crafter, or any kind of artist, having a studio is one of the essential spaces you’ll need. Getting a portable building is a quick solution whether you need extra space to display your artworks or simply want a little space where you can work with your artistic skills.


Do you need extra space to store all those stuff that are not used that much? Adding a portable building to your garden is a perfect solution to this. You can use it as a storage shed for weed eaters, lawn mowers and other gardening and lawn care tools. Aside from that, you can also store tools and repair equipment here and make a mini repair shop out of it.

Laundry Space

Most homes have a dedicated space for laundry. However, it you need more space for other essential stuffs, you can move your laundry area into a different space through a portable building. Your washer, dryer and clothes are all safe inside this area, plus you can even hang out clothes in this space if the weather isn’t that good.

Play Area

For those who have kids, what more can you ask for but a dedicated play area for your little ones? You can set this up in your garden or in the backyard and give your kids a perfect space where they could have fun, explore and learn. It also helps keep the clutter in one space, making it easier to clear up after a long day.

Music Studio

If you have this knack for music, whether you have a band or doing it solo, having a music studio is definitely convenient for rehearsals. Since a portable building is separate from your home, you can easily set it up by adding insulation and soundproofing features for great acoustics and happy neighbours. You can also free up some space in the garage by creating a separate building for your music studio.

If you have problems with space, one of the best solutions you can have is to get a portable building. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, you can definitely find one that suits your needs.

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