It doesn’t matter where, in which room of the house or your office it is, we all prefer to hang pictures to decorative pieces on the wall to give that aesthetic look. But we often find ourselves using a hammer to push in the nails into the wall and that makes it easier in just seconds. And when it comes to building formations and securing property structures these nails aren’t used. So are hammers since they don’t give that additional force to clip in strong and bigger nails to pass through heavy wood materials. This is where the use of nail guns comes into action.

What Are Nail Guns?

 Also known as the “nailer” this is a versatile tool intended for one explicit reason: to drive nails into wood (and different materials). This basic power instrument replaces the mallet and nails saving plenty of time and energy than having to use any other hard equipment to file in nails given that these ground-breaking machines dispatch nails at rapid, completely inserting them in a bit of wood in just a small amount of a second. Nail guns are available in an endless choice in the market today, they have changed their new models to suit the needs bringing safer and sound into anyone using a nail gun. Thus there’s a number of nail gun types that offer specific purposes.

Before you get your hand in a nail gun you must identify which nail gun is used for which purpose and learn how to use it in the right manner. Here are some types that might help you with your decision;

Flooring Nailer

These nailers’ are uniquely designed to make quick work of laying floorboards and securing them together. The nailer is held at the edge of the board and then punched in hard ensuring that nails are driven at the right angle and depth every single time. Flooring nail guns that have air pressure makes the job simpler without you having to strain your arms as it requires less human exertion.

Siding Nailer

The name itself gives you an idea of its function, if you are looking into a way to embedding nails to the sides of the walls, then siding nail has your call. Its delicate tip can have the ideal intensity of siding jobs on both delicate siding supplies made of hard siding ones like Oak. The siding nailer is more qualified for ventures that require bigger bits of wood to be joined..

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Pin Nailer

Usually used for finishing in woodworking jobs and they are the smallest, most mild finish nailer you can purchase. They don’t cost much as compared to the rest of the common nail guns that are used. These nails can be secured in conjunction with glue or some other type of adhesive.

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