There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when it comes to being asked to plan and coordinate a meeting, regardless of whether it is your first time or whether you have doing it a number of times in the past.

If you have been put in charge of organizing and coordinating the said meeting there is a high chance that you will not be responsible for identifying its purpose, deciding who has to attend, setting a date and time for it to take place and so on. However, don’t forget to request this information to ensure that you have all the details you need when you start to organize it.


Once you have got the date set, the next thing you will need to do is to decide on the location. If you are planning to have an in-house meeting you will still need to book or reserve the meeting rooms in advance and make sure that it can accommodate the number of people expected to attend comfortably. You will also need to make sure that if food is being served, that you prepare a designated area for that as well which will not disrupt or get in the way of the meeting that is being conducted. If you are looking at external locations, consider meeting rooms Geelong and decide on whether or not they are able to provide the necessary requirements you are looking to fulfill.

Inquire Into The Amenities Provided

This will come into consideration if you are considering having them meeting t an external meeting room. You will need to make sure that you are aware of how much it would cost you, make sure that it lies within your budget and also make sure that the amenities provided. For instance, would there be a technician to help set up the projectors and mics should you need them, will there be projectors and mics available and included in the cost or will you be required to pay extra for those services? Will you need to book another space for refreshments and will that be an added cost etc.

Confirm The Number Of Those Attending

You will then need to make a few phone calls or send a number of emails infirming and reminding individuals about the upcoming meeting they are expected to attend and make sure that you have a count on how many will actually be able to attend. This will help you in the next step, which is sorting out the logistics as well as keeping you well informed of any changes in individuals that will be attending.


And finally, make sure that you have all the logistics in place according to the number expected. Make sure that note pads, files, dockets if required; as well as pens and even refreshments are organized well in advance to avoid any unexpected issues.

By taking these simple tips into consideration, you will find that you have ensured that all the important things are taken care of.

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