Advertising in the right way is a sure way to get your brand noticed and remembered by more people. However, with the increasing number of advertisements we see every day and the competition in the market, it is also needed to think of creative and less expensive ways to make sure your brand name gets recognized by large number of people. Here are a few different ideas for you to try when creating brand awareness.

Creative Direct Mail

If you think direct mail is long outdated, then think again. There are many different ways you can use this traditional method to your advantage. THE Key is to use the old method in a new way. Recent studies mention how direct mail is sometimes preferred more by customers who wants ‘real’ connections with brands they like or are loyal to. Instead of sending the old, typed and printed letters or notices, you can get creative with direct mail by designing them as brochures that includes your brand colours, booklets informing your benefits and services etc. The key is to catch the attention of the customers enough to make them want to open your mail.

Promotional Items

This is a strategy that never gets old. Attaching your brand logo, brand name or your tagline to promotional products. You can include any items you think will be better used by your customers. Some of the most used items include, t-shirts, pens, water bottles and caps. Some of the other unique items include, USBs, badges or stickers, notepads, bags and totes. Every time these items are used by a customer, it will also be displayed to multiple other people increasing your brand recognition.

Special Events

There are many special events which you can organize depending on the items you sell. If you are a café or a bookstore owner, try holding trivia nights to get more and more customers interested in your place. If you are a retail shop owner, then try holding workshops or classes for those interested or you can even take it up a notch and hold a mini runaway at your place. Organize competitions or raffle draws that can benefit the customers. Brainstorm with your staff and come up with ideas that would be the best with your company. Make sure you promote the event enough to get more customers.

Visual Displays

Visual displays are a sure way to grab someone’s attention immediately. While social media is the mostly used media of communicating visual advertisement, the old methods of billboards, posters and even vehicle displays can still attract the eyes of many. Especially if you display them near places where crowds gather, large billboards are sure to attract you many customers. Displaying you brand logo or brand name on your company van or on a truck, your brand will definitely be noticed by everyone who sees the vehicle. If you are a small shop owner, you can even go for DIY displays such as displaying creatively made notice board outside your store.

It is not only about advertising more to catch the eye of the customers; you should also pay attention to methods that can make your brand stand out among other advertising campaign. That way will surely guarantee you more customers and customer loyalty.

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