Whether you’re doing a plumbing project at home or getting a plumber to do it, choosing the right kind of pipeline can be confusing with so many types available in the market. Different pipes have their own unique features which makes them fit for several purposes. To help simplify things, here are the different kinds of pipes, their features and the purpose they are meant to be used.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipes are commonly used as drainpipes whether it is under sinks or outdoors as vent for rain water. It is made from polyvinyl chloride and is much lighter to work on compared to other types of pipes. PVC is easy to measure and cut through. It is also easy to install since it works well with solvents. If you’re looking for an affordable piping solution, PVC pipe is a great option for you.

PEX Pipe

PEX pipes are generally used for water supply. It is strong enough to handle water pressure but its versatility and flexibility makes it easy to move through and along different spaces. PEX pipes are a common choice among homeowners who love to do DIY home projects because it is easy to handle. Just like PVC pipes, PEX pipes are also affordable. They can also be used in combination with other pipe types such as copper or steel pipes. You can also choose between red or blue coloured pipe depending on the temperature of water supply that will pass through it.

Steel Pipe and Cast Iron

Steel pipes are used for almost any purpose – water supply, drainage, gas and a lot more. It is strong and durable making it a perfect choice for multipurpose use. Each part is connected together using connecting joints. On the other hand, cast iron pipes are usually used on drainage and sewers. This type is extremely strong and durable; they don’t need to be replaced that often unless rust has completely damaged it. Be sure to order only from trusted companies that offer quality Australian water pipelines to make the most of your investment.

Copper Pipe

There are two types of copper pipes – rigid and flexible. Rigid copper pipes are commonly used for water supply lines. It can resist high pressure, heat and is also safe since it doesn’t have any health risks involved. However, rigid copper pipe is not advisable to be used on DIY projects since it needs certain skills to solder copper pipes properly.

Flexible copper pipe, on the other hand, is much more flexible than rigid copper. It can even fit on tight and unusually shaped spaces. This type is usually used on refrigerators or water heaters. Though it is not as thick as other pipe types, it is very resistant to high temperatures.

Before buying pipes, determine first where it will be used. Knowing this makes it a lot easier to choose the right one for your needs. Aside from being sure that it will last long, getting the right one also saves you from spending on the wrong type.

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