A toddler is able to run and jump. They are at an age where they are exploring their newly acquired skills of mobility. They will fall but must be encouraged to get back up. It is important that they wear comfortable clothing to ensure the full use of their mobility.

Summer is a time when toddlers have plenty of opportunities to play around in the sun and warmth of the environment. A toddler must never be restricted during this time. Rather be encouraged. If the clothing they wear is restricting their comfort, and thereby their mobility, it will not be a good outfit. Here are some ways to dress your toddler during summertime.

The Material of Clothing Matters the Most

It is most important that you put your toddler in clothing that is made of suitable material. For example, cotton clothing is great for summer. Cotton is lightweight as well as very breathable material. This means that air can pass through the material into the body making it cool and also allows the heat generated by the body as sweat to leave.

As the body cools, the skin is less irritated and kept hydrated and soft. These clothes must be chosen well. For example, girls dresses Australia would be an ideal choice. Other than that, shorts, skirts and tops, t shirts and shirts can be appropriate for summer. These must all be lightweight and loose fitting for the best comfort.

Be Mindful of The Sun

Though we all look forward to the summer as it generally has the ability to make us happy, we must protect ourselves against the harmful rays of the sun. Especially a toddler’s skin must be protected at all costs. You can make them wear sun protection hats when they go out. There are also shirts other clothing made of fabrics that have sun protection.

For example, UPF 20 shirts. They will only let 1/20th of sunrays to enter through to the skin. Another alternative is to use sun blocking detergent to wash their clothes. Harmful sun rays can leave your toddler with nasty burns and irritate their skin. So, take all precautions to protect them against it.

Don’t Forget the Feet

A toddler is just learning to walk run or jump. It is important that they wear footwear that keeps their feet steady on the ground. An ill-fitting pair of shoes will make them fall on the floor and sustain injuries. So, it is important to get them the appropriate footwear as well. During summer they don’t necessarily have to wear socks and shoes as it will heat them up.

Rather they can wear sandals or flip flops. But if they are wearing flip flops, they must relatively be a little older and they should be well fitting. Whenever possible, it is best to let them be bear feet. Especially if they are in your own garden playing around or inside the house.

Dress your toddler in the appropriate way for the summer.

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