If you are considering implementing an ERP system within your business, then you will realise that there are numerous decisions ahead of you. One that will stand out in particular, though, is the selection of ERP solutions partner. This is because this third-party agency has an impact on a number of factors. This includes but isn’t limited to productivity, overall cost, and analytic capabilities. Thus, if you want to choose the best possible provider for your company, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Experience in the Field

ERP implementation is an incredibly complex and precise mechanism. As such, seasoned professionals who are well-versed with NetSuite or other ERP solutions will have the upper hand. Thus, they will be able to implement the system much more skilfully and prevent a great number of errors. Furthermore, their experience will give them insight on how to implement the system in your business in particular. This will provide you with a more efficient production overall. Therefore, when in doubt, always pick the agency with the more experienced individuals.

Authentic Certification and Accreditation

As you may be aware, not all partners are equally well-regarded by the provider. Thus, you need to be very sure that the agency that you are hiring is properly certified and accredited by the ERP solutions provider. In many instances, it is also possible for you to check how well-ranked they are as well. The higher the ranking, the more you can trust a particular agency. Fortunately for you, this information is readily available online.

Familiarity with Your Industry

Naturally, you can’t expect your ERP solutions partner to be a master of all industries – this just isn’t possible. However, it is precisely because of this that you should look for an agency that is well-versed in your sector. Keep in mind, most ERPs can be adjusted to suit your type of business perfectly. So, if you wish to gain as many benefits from the system as possible, then it is important for you to find someone who understands your industry. You should make it a point to quiz all your potential providers on their knowledge regarding your sector.

Overall Compatibility

It is almost certain that you will never have to meet someone from your actual ERP solutions provider. However, you will be in direct contact with the ERP solutions partner. In fact, they will even visit your office to ensure that the implementation is going well. Due to this, you should take a close look at how compatible you are with the various employees. Do you find it easy to get along with them? Are they able to cater to the requirements of you and your business? Can you understand the instructions that they are providing? Ask yourself these questions before making any final decisions regarding the agency.

These are the top guidelines to follow when selecting your ERP solutions partner. Although this may seem like there are many factors to tend to, these are all significant points to watch out for. Pay attention to these and you will be able to identify your ideal partner with ease.

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