Of course you are extremely excited to migrate to a new environment as soon as possible, however in this case, you are sure to make some mistakes that will be turn out to be quite serious in the long run. So here are some mistakes to avoid.

Lack Of Humility

lack of humility when arriving in another country, together with the fact of criticizing or being derogatory towards the nationals is the worst mistake an immigrant can make. When one arrives in a new, unfamiliar society, one must seek to adapt to it rather than expect it to be the other way around.

On top of that, you also can’t get to a place belittling and criticizing everything. You need to remember that you chose to migrate by your own will and hence you need to respect the local culture. Comparing your homeland to the new country will be condemned by the locals. You must learn the culture as quickly as possible and adapt to it.

No Proper Plan

As desperate as you are to fly off, you cannot migrate without first doing a complete study of the country you want to go to, weighing options and analyzing the pros and cons. An attitude of “let’s see as it comes” will not work in a completely unknown country. You need to have a solid plan of how you will survive the first few months.

Do your research, look for apartments for rent, contact a few places in advance and let them know when you will be coming to visit them. Look for a low-cost hotel nearby too so you can crash if renting won’t work out for a few weeks. You would be lucky if you have someone you know in the area as they can let you stay over for a few days till you sort things out.

Not Complying With The Laws

You need to understand that the country you migrated to has its own laws and regulations and hence you cannot act as you please. It is vital that you learn the most vital regulations as soon as possible. Remember that you need a special permit to work that is issued by the government and if you start working before it is issued, you will be penalized by the government.

That is why planning is so important and that implies taking into account the expenses and duration associated with the regularization of your immigration status. Contact AIM lawyers Melbourne to know the legal formalities.

Not Bringing Enough Money

You cannot simply buy a ticket and fly in and expect everything to fall into place automatically. You will most probably not find work for a few months and hence it is vital that you bring enough money to support your stay.

Usually, during the visa procedure, the embassy will be looking at your bank balances to verify you have adequate money to spend while there. Most people borrow money, fill their account and return the money once the visa is approved. This way, you will surely end up in a terrible situation in an unknown country all alone.

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