Caravan owners know that a paint job is important to keep your vehicle looking brand new. Or if your vehicle is already old and shabby, a fresh paint job would have it looking good again. You’d be excited to go on long trips again because you feel proud showing off your caravan. And when the time comes that you need to sell it, the potential payoff would be more significant since the caravan is spotless.

Extending the life of your caravan’s paint job is easy and if you are serious in wanting to resell it in the future, looking after it as early as now is recommended.

Clean It Regularly

It is hard to clean a vehicle and it would usually take your whole morning or afternoon, especially a caravan which is bigger than your usual vehicle and with several nooks and crannies. But since your caravan is more exposed to elements that harm its exterior paint, cleaning it regularly is necessary especially if you usually bring it in the wilderness.

Droppings from birds and bats have uric acid in them and are damaging to paint. Before you plan your next expedition make sure that you visit your favorite mechanic or garage for caravan paint protection in Sydney. You would not want to come back from your trip with a headache because of your caravan. It would just negate your relaxing and carefree experience from your holiday.

Park It In Your Garage

If you are not using it, make sure that you park it properly in your garage. Don’t delay it by keeping it parked on the sidewalk because there are a lot of possible scenarios that could happen. Children could play outside and might scratch or nick the paint job with your toys.

Another vehicle accident could happen that might indirectly affect your caravan. You might also overlook the sun’s harmful UV rays. You might think your caravan’s paint job is safe and secure from the other two scenarios but with the sun’s UV rays, your caravan is not safe. So better to park it if you would not be using it in the near future.

Cover It

In the event that you don’t have the garage space for your caravan, your next option could be to purchase a caravan cover to keep the paint job safe from UV rays and accidental nicks or portable gazebos. When choosing for the best cover, choose materials that are sturdy, waterproof and with air vents to avoid moisture build-up.

There are numerous caravans covers available in the market that you would feel overwhelmed when choosing. If you have not done your research beforehand, inform the salesperson of your requirement and ask for their professional opinion. Tell them that you are doing it to extend your caravan’s paint job.

If it is possible, don’t stick to one of these recommendations. Better to be safe than sorry. Even if your caravan is parked in your garage, still cover it to protect it from dust. And even if you are not using it or will not be using it soon, still regularly clean your caravan to make sure there would not be dirt, grime or dust build up. Also inspect it periodically to make sure there are no existing issues that you have overlooked.

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