Working from home is a viable option now for most employers and employees. Although working remotely has been the norm for some sectors such as IT, Media and Advertising, etc. other industries have seen the viability of working from home (WFH) because it is time, money and energy saving. Some employers have the notion that employees working from home are less productive. On the contrary, these employees are more energetic because they are comfortable and are not stressed and or tired from the daily commute.

Veering from the traditional is intimidating but if the situation calls for it, you could make the transition from office to work at home agreeable to you and your team.


Before the transition, the first thing you have to do is do your research. It is recommended that you do your research on companies working from home in the same industry as yours because it is likely that their requirements are the same as yours. Research about their policies and procedures for working at home. Learn from their mistakes and follow what they have been doing correctly.

Make Sure You Have All the Digital Tools You Will Need

When you do your research, include the digital tools that you would be needing. What are these digital tools? These are programs, software or apps that you and your team would use while working at home. You would be needing a project management software like Admation’s management software.

It would be easier for you to track your team’s progress, the new tasks that are yet to be assigned, which projects are nearing their deadline and what needs to be revised or approved. You would also be needing a communication platform to make talking with your team easier.

Do A Trial

Before the transition itself, consider doing a trial so you would know the weaknesses of your system before implementing it full time. With a trial, you and your team could have a feel of it first before diving head in into a complete 180 degrees change. A trial could also show you the things in your system that could still be improved, which part of the workflow could be enhanced to make it faster and more effective.

Ask Your Team for Feedback

Another tip is to ask your team for their feedback. This is necessary because they would also be doing their work from home. If the system does not work for them, how would they be able to perform their tasks? If something is acceptable for you, it does not necessarily mean the same for them.

If your job responsibility mostly revolves around approving something, you do not require much digital tools unlike your team who is the one actually doing and reflecting your comments. Ask them for recommendation on the apps or programs that would make their work easier.

With the current global situation, work from home becomes necessary. But you would soon see the upside of this work scheme and you would realize the advantages and benefits of working at the comforts of your own home.

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