Who wouldn’t want their car to run faster? A faster car is actually a dream come true for most car owners out there. Whether you simply want something to show off as an object of pride or you really want that adrenaline rush as you race along, there are certain car mods that are proven to help a lot in speeding up your ride. Here are some of the best you should get to tweak your car and make it faster and better.

NOS System

The oxygen intake in your car engine is important for proper combustion and more power. Adding nitrous oxide or NOS system in your car helps boost your engine performance by supplying short bursts of extra oxygen to create more power in your engine. However, this car add-on is illegal in some states so be sure to check the state laws first before trying to get one.

Cold Air Intake

Another simple add on you can put in your car is a cold air intake. Air intake is important in the fuel combustion inside the engine. However, cold air is better than hot air since it is denser. The colder air that gets into the engine, the better it can breathe and burn fuel efficiently making your ride go faster as you drive. Performance Heaven has a wide selection of car parts and add-ons that definitely improves the performance of your vehicle.


The supercharger is another part that improves air intake in your car’s engine for more fuel efficiency. However, unlike the cold air intake which increases the flow of cold air into the engine, the supercharger makes the available air denser by compressing it and pushing into the engine. This add-on requires a little reconstruction of the current engine to accommodate the new forced air induction system. Upgrading the engine requires advanced expertise to be sure that it is done right so it’s best to leave this task to the professional.

Fuel System Upgrade

The increased cool air supply would be a waste if your car’s engine can’t accommodate it. If you really want to achieve your need for speed, then having a fuel system upgrade is a must for your car. From high-flow filters, injectors, fuel pumps and more, it can definitely accommodate more air and combustion in the engine. Although this upgrade is not economical when it comes to fuel use, it would definitely give you the increased speed you wanted.

Performance Chipset

Your car’s performance chipset controls the amount of air and fuel that goes into the engine. The engine performance depends greatly on how this part is set up. Installing a performance chipset overrides the default manufacturer’s settings; giving your car an extra boost when it comes to its speed.

Installing some mods in your car is a good investment. Just be sure that you know how to work on it or rather leave it to the experts to be assured that it will be done well.

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