Using renewable energy sources to power your home has many advantages. These range from being environmentally friendly to reducing the costs you have to pay every day for heat and electricity and water. But what are the solutions you can try out? Take a look at what is given below to find out.

Wind Turbines

These are usually seen on large open lands. But if you have enough space, you will be able to install a small wind turbine to power your house. There are some requirements to consider before you install a wind turbine for your house. One main requirement is of course enough real estate. The other requirement is stained winds of at least 10 miles per hour (MPH) to produce power. One main disadvantage of these is that they can be pretty noisy and might not always agree with sound regulations or laws in your area.

Hydro Power

This is an energy source that you can try if you have a water source near you. However, you will need to put some effort into this. You will need to find the largest vertical distance the water can travel, and divert the flow to go through a generator. The power that can be created depends on the vertical distance and the amount of water. Remember that this is not something that can always be done alone and you might need the help of a professional to set this up.

Solar Panels

This is a great energy solution that can help you power your entire house. Solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) panels are usually installed on rooftop or in a yard in order to capture solar energy. They will then convert that energy into electricity. Using solar energy t power your house can reduce a lot of costs you have to bear for utility bills such as electricity and heating. So if you are looking to power your house with solar energy, check out more details at REA Solar for solar panel installation.

Solar Water Heating

Many energy-producing methods can be initiated using solar power. One of the commonly used ones is solar water heating. These heaters use solar power to heat a reserve of water. This will be way cheaper than your traditional water heating methods like using electricity and gas.

Tubular Skylights

These cannot be really categorised as an energy source to power your house. They do however provide you with natural lights for your home and can be used as a solution to reduce your electricity bill. These are much easier to install than traditional skylights and are also cheaper. These are round metal tubes with highly reflective coating inside to reflect over 90% of sunlight. However, one major disadvantage of these lights is that they cannot be used to light your house at night.

These solutions will not always come without disadvantages. However, if you live in an area with extreme cold or heat, one or a few of these solutions can be used to reduce your utility bills.

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