Shopping and hanging out don’t go hand in hand with a pandemic. We all experienced this in the past few months. Not only shopping at a physical store but also receiving an online order was considered unsafe. A virus such as COVID 19 can live on surfaces from three hours to three days. It is clear that staying in and ordering something online is far safer than visiting a shop outside. Even then, one has to take care to follow the right processes and procedures to stay away from contracting a disease.

Steps to take when receiving a shipment

One must take care to properly disinfect the goods when received. Fortunately, it is easier to just rub the package before opening with a hand sanitizer or a mixture containing 70% of alcohol. Although it is not likely that germs containing COVID-19 could survive in packaged items from the time which they were packed to the time they were received by you, especially as the pandemic has rendered shipping and transportation very much delayed.

In addition to that, situations of shipping such as the rough saline environment might also be a party to the destruction of the germs. Nevertheless, if the package handlers are compromised with possible access to the disease, you are in trouble again. Therefore, you must disinfect any type of package that is received to your home.

Why bother?

But why bother? When you can stay at home, safe and sound, why bother risking yours and your family’s health, by going out? You can browse through a huge collection without stepping out of the house even for a minute and choose exactly what you want. The only risk is via the packages which are delivered and it is a simple matter of disinfecting the package when received, by a sanitizing agent. Even the World Health Organization – WHO- has mentioned that it is safe to receive deliveries from any location, even where COVID-19 patients have been reported.

That is because, as they say, the possibility of an infected individual contaminating goods is low. Also, the risk of contracting the disease from a package which had been couriered, moved, and/or had been open to various conditions and temperatures, is low. So there is no need to buy expensive stuff in the town when affordable women’s clothing is available online, a safer option.

What is the level of risk?

Authorities say there is possibly very low risk in spreading the disease through product packages, especially if they are shipped over a long period and were stored under ambient temperature. It is also confirmed that temperatures above 56 degrees Celsius can kill the virus.

The risk of going out to buy something is higher; you are in touch with not only the products but also railings, elevator buttons, door handles and more. Even though the period the virus survives on various surfaces changes from 9 to 72 hours, a large time gap, it has been found out via research that the virus can survive on steel or similar surfaces for more than 24 hours.

Shop away to your heart’s content even in this pandemic period! Make sure again and again that your packages are disinfected prior to bringing them in to the house. Always wash the clothes you order according to the label’s guidelines and if possible, use hot water to clean them.

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