How many of us have heard of solid perfume? It’s just a scent with a balm-like solidity rather than a fluid, comparable to a lip balm. These may be kept in lip-balm containers or other small pots. There are dozens of the sweetest small jars of fragrance in shops for literally a few dollars apiece!

Of course, I managed to grab a fair number without realizing what to do about them or even for whom I should gift those for – they were all too good to get through. After then, I’ve seen solid perfumes reappearing for both women and men. It appears like everybody learns just how great they are!

Best for Traveling

We all know how difficult it could be to ensure that you do have all goods under 100Ml when you’re going to travel with such a carry-on. Instead of keeping the fragrance at home, it might be one less thing to worry about when it’s in a stable state.

Safe Ingredients

A lot of fluid scents have alcohol to assist them to dissolve when sprayed. A solid fragrance does not need assistance drying so it won’t usually store any alcohol or even other allergens.

Delightfully Tiny

The best way to hold a good perfume is by having it in a small bottle or a lip balm tube. You can take them with you for a fast pick-up all day.

No Leaking

When you’re planning to travel with fragrance, or just even staining it in your home wardrobe, a good perfume won’t spill and create a mess!


If you’re using aromatherapy and adding various oils, you can give it a good fragrance that you can take everywhere. If you have a headache? Pull out your lavender fragrance balm! You can also pre-mix a variety of balms for various situations to make it simpler than just using oil in the liquid state. So, how to apply solid perfume is not that hard.

To Be Considerate of Others

Isn’t anybody else who is a fan of having a massive coughing waft of someone’s perfume or deodorant as they feel they need to refresh up in the public space? To myself, spreading a fragrance that anyone might get trapped in it is a huge no-no, although with a solid perfume, the smell just ultimately ends up on your face.

Less Wastage

Sprays will also end up in both directions and on your face, but a balm or a strong perfume wound up specifically and just where you place it. Few perfumes may also be mixed with water, but a solid-state perfume is not (it’s anhydrous, so it doesn’t contain water), making it much longer lasting.

One of the factors it could have taken off very well in the men’s grooming sector is its discreet nature. Often, particularly in the office setting, it can feel uncomfortable for a man to take out his aftershave and begin to spray himself. The action or instant wave of scent will attract undesired attention that others may find unprofessional in the office. On the other hand, it’s very easy to gently brush a little bit of strong cologne away without drawing attention.

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