You now have a horse. But you are surprised at how much grooming they need and how much you need to spend on grooming tools, or even on how much time you need to spend reading on which tool is better in keeping your equine friend in their optimal best.

Perhaps one of the most asked questions of horse owner is whether they should purchase a clipper or a trimmer. If you are really serious about your horse’s grooming, the answer is both because of the following reasons.

Trimmers Are for Smaller “Jobs”

If your horse is wounded, you might need to remove the hair around the wound to properly inspect the wound. This is where trimmers come in. Trimmers are handy. They are used for finer details, especially if your horse is a show horse and you are trimming their hair to always be ready. Trimmers are also used for cutting the hair in the horse’s legs which is not just advised to keep the legs clean looking but also to avoid any dirt or grime from sticking. Trimmers cut close to the skin which makes it ideal if you want to cut your horse’s hair extremely short.

Trimmers Are for Wayward Hairs

Trimmers are usually cordless and lightweight which makes them perfect for trimming wayward hairs. When you have a horse and you brush its mane, tail and coat of hair, you must have a trimmer at hand so when some hairs are out of place, you could easily trim them.

Trimmers Are for Outlining

Trimming the hair around the horse’s ears, around the sideburns, on the paws, muzzle and other tight areas is a job for trimmers.

Clippers Are Heavy Duty

When you purchase clippers, choose horse clipper brands that are effective. Though generally clippers are already heavy duty in nature. When you purchase a clipper, you have to be prepared to spend serious money on it because they are durable and would be used most of the time when it comes to clipping the horse’s hair.

Clippers Are for Thicker Hair

Since you need to have both clippers and trimmers when you groom your horse, you first need to use a clipper especially when your horse’s hair is already thick. Then you could use the trimmer in finishing the job. Although there are clippers that have other blade options that could be used for trimming. But it is still recommended to have a separate trimmer to make sure that you are grooming your horse perfectly.

Clippers Are for Bulk Cutting

Since horses are large animals, you need to have a cutting tool that is designed to cut large areas. With clippers, it would be easier to finish grooming your horse compared to if and when you use a trimmer instead.

When you have difficulty thinking about whether you should use a trimmer or a clipper, the only thing you need to remember is that a trimmer cut closer than a clipper.

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