No matter how well you can drive, there is always room for improvement. Following these tips can help you be a better and safe driver.

Look Further Ahead

If your attention is only on the car right in front of you, chances are you probably don’t know what is happening in further up the road. So, the rule of thumb is to scan at least 12 seconds ahead of you so that you have enough and more time to react to imminent dangers. This tip can also ensure that you can avoid nose-to-tail accidents which is the most common type of accident nowadays.

Looking further ahead can also save you fuel and the wear and tear on your tires. A good attentive driver is the dream of every traffic management company Melbourne and other urban cities can benefit if every driver is cautious about his or her surroundings.

ALWAYS Leave A Gap

Tailgating the driver in front of you can lead to many problems. Some of these problems are increased risk of ramming into the vehicle in front of you because you do not have enough time to react, more wear and tear on your brake pads and accelerator because you constantly using them to maintain the short distance, reduces the distance you can see further ahead and flickering brake lights which can confuse drivers behind you.

Using Appropriate Speed

Sometimes just because you are under the maximum speed limit doesn’t mean you are not going too fast.

Reading road signs properly will help you maintain a proper speed because you can read the road further ahead. If you are over the speed limit obviously this is illegal, and you can be fined. The appropriate speed should depend on the road conditions mainly because your speed will determine the time you have for reacting and then braking.

Don’t Stagger Between Lanes

When stuck in traffic congestion, drivers will try and do anything to get out of it. By doing this you are actually being counterproductive and increasing the congestion even more. Most of the times, the lanes will move at  similar speeds unless there is a major accident on one of the lanes. So if you can patiently wait on the lane you are currently in you might just be able to get out of the traffic jam sooner.

Match Your Speed

When you’re on a highway make sure that you always match your speed to the traffic around you. This ensures the smooth flow of traffic and avoid unnecessary braking and changing of lanes.

Never Drive When You’re Sleepy

After alcohol, fatigue is one of the most prominent causes of accidents. The main indicator that you might be fatigued are delayed reaction times and this can progress to mini sleep spells where your brain will temporarily shut off.

If you ever feel like you are dozing off or you feel tired, the best solution is to pull over and have a quick 15-minute nap.

These are some of the tips you can use to be a better and safe driver. Always be aware of your surroundings, this will not only help you but also everyone around you.

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