Holidays is just around the corner. No matter how tough life is for all of us right now, try to celebrate, still. It doesn’t have to be a grand celebration though as you can have a simple shindig with your family. You may give gifts, too.

Of course, not every gift is going to be exceptional or cherished forever. Therefore, try giving a gift that’s personal as it’s more meaningful than choosing just anything that you run into. Also, get ideas from the receiver’s list, but something that can relate to him/her is better. And to make your gift extra special, here are some ways to do it. 

Associate your Gift to their Interests

When shopping for a Holiday gift, think about what makes this person happy. Do they love to stay outdoors? Then you can give some outdoor essentials, such as a hammock or a tent. If they’re a bookworm, try giving books about self-improvement.

Personalize it

One of the incredible ways to make your gift stand out is to personalize it. There are many ways to achieve it – engraved, embossed, or embroidered. It can be the receiver’s name, their favourite logo, etc. You can put it in a barrel, jewellery, mug, or t-shirt. Don’t forget to wrap it in a special box. For your gift packaging needs, Box Fox has the best selection. They have gift boxes, hat boxes, hamper packaging, and postage boxes, to name a few.

Include a Special Handwritten Note

A special handwritten note will never go out of style. In fact, it will make your gift more personal. Express yourself through a special handwritten note if you can’t say it in words. Tell the receiver how wonderful they are and they are loved and cared about.

Gift an Experience

If you want to give a more special gift, gift an experience. People get things all the time, and most likely, they don’t need them. Yet an experience is something memorable and can last for a lifetime. So, you may give an all-day pass to a park or museum. It can be a local or international trip, too – The choice is all yours.

Use your Picture

Instead of the usual gift tags, you can use your picture. For sure, it will make your gift more special as only a few people print photos today. It can be your photo together, too.

Wrap Using a Unique Gift Wrapper

Regardless of how expensive your gift is, it’d never be enough without the perfect gift wrapper. A stylish and unique gift wrapper is what the receiver will get to see first, so see to it that it’s beautifully wrapped. Choose from a wide range of designs, such as polka dot gift wrapper, star garland gift wrapper, and so on. Allow your creative juice to flow when wrapping your Holiday gift.

Give a Food Basket

Everyone likes to receive food as a gift. Hence, this Holiday season, give a food basket. It can be a healthy food basket or a wine and cheese basket.

Besides this list, you can create art or anything handmade.

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