If you have been in quarantine in the previous year then you have figured out how boring life can get if you don’t have something to focus on. While work does take up most of your time, it was also a time people tried new hobbies or re-took hobbies they had not spent time on.

The list of new trends and sources of entertainment that were introduced through quarantine has been endless. This article is especially for those who got bored and tried something new such as sewing. If creating clothes or trinkets from scratch is your new hobby, this is for you. Here are some of the simplest sewing projects you should take up, that’ll leave you feeling like a pro.

Pencil case with a zipper

If you like carrying stationary or are still in school this can be useful for you. All you need is a funky fabric or two and a zipper. We recommend choosing a slightly thicker fabric so that it can hold more weight. Pin the pattern down and stitch around the sides. Attach the zipper on the top of the pencil case and sew it down. It’s easy, time saving and long lasting.

Pillowcases and blankets

How easy is to sew a blanket all you need is a large piece of fabric? Sewing a pillowcase will require the exact measurements of the pillow or cushion you wish to use. Cut out two pieces of the material, you can alternate it to add some colourhold it together and sew it down. You can add buttons or the flap depending on what you prefer. Some variation can be added through tassels or patterns being attached to the pillowcase or blanket.


Clothing styles can be a little harder to get right if you are just starting. However, if you are looking for easy to sew designs, Boo designs sewing patterns are perfect for beginners and even pros. They are easily available and in different varieties to choose from.

Fabric baskets

Baskets can be used to store clothes, household accessories and just about anything in your home. It makes the space look neat and adds colour. These aren’t difficult to sew as it only requires a large piece of fabric and a rough shape of what size you require the basket to be. If the baskets are going to be on the floor, we recommend using darker fabrics, as they are more likely to get dirty.


Similar to a blanket a tablecloth too requires only a large piece of fabric. Additions to the tablecloth can be made by sewing on lace at the ends or even tassels at the corners. The hemming of the cloth depends on the shape of your table and how you wish to spread the cloth. Colours and patterns can be of all varieties and requires only a little time.

If you are new to sewing mastering the basics is of great importance. Once you have got that under control, sewing becomes an enjoyable and creative hobby.

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