From juices to refreshing drinks, your store is taking a spike in sales. Therefore, you decided to expand your business from home-based to a small beverage shop. Now that there is a demand for your drinks, you are considering a fresh look for your drinks.

Before the launch in the store, you are rebranding your product. Along with that, you are analysing the packing of your products. 

When the order was in small quantity, you used to sell in plastic cups with plastic straws. However, you have understood how serious the plastic pollution issue is. Therefore, you are looking out for alternative solutions. Being a businessman, you also have flair knowledge on how consumer psychology affects purchasing behaviour. 

Thus, you swapped your plastic cups with glass and paper cups. To see a change and make the world a better place, you did your part of going green. 

This move has helped to highlight the eco-friendly nature of your business. Hence, in return, it is also educating the buyers on the serious topic of plastic pollution. 

Moving forward, now you are looking into the type of straws to replace the plastic straws. Here is a guide on the various kinds of drinking straws. Did you know? There are several styles of straws to suit the type of drink. 

The reusable straws are plastic-free, made from different types of materials. Each has its own pros and cons. For instance, one type of straw may only be used on cold beverages; it is not suitable for hot drinks. Below mentioned are a few types of straws from the long list.

What are the different kinds of reusable straws?

Metal Straws

It is an ideal definition of reusable- the long-lasting stainless steel can be used on a daily basis. These shiny straws come in various sizes and colours. Hence, they add more significance to your beverages. Furthermore, it doesn’t lose its style and shape even after the 50th use.

However, one should be cautious with hot drinks, as metal are good conductors of heat.

Silicone Straws

You don’t have a way to keep your straw straight. So, will you carry it in your hand? Here’s a better option. The silicon straw can fit in any space, whether it is squeezed in your back pocket or in the bag. The bendy material will come back to its original shape when removed. You can purchase silicone straws online as there is a wide choice available.

Glass straws

It would be ideal to use it with the juices served in glasses. These straws are slightly costly but more manageable to wash and reuse. However, the drawback is that it is extremely delicate and should be handled with care. 

Furthermore, customers may not be satisfied to drink in straws that other customers use. Besides, even if you boil the straw each time you serve a drink, it can be too much hassle.

Paper straws

It is a perfect fit with the paper cups. These biodegradable straws decompose faster than plastic; hence- no worries to use. However, they get soaked if kept in the drink for too long. However, there are other straws like pasta-straw, wheat straws, and much more. 

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