Every woman has had the question “what do you carry in your handbag?” asked from her at least twice. It is a common question due to the weight, size and accessories in our bags. However, it is safe to tell us ladies are prepared for anything.

The clutter in our handbags always comes in handy and useful whatever the circumstance. Ranging from makeup to water bottles there are certain must haves for every lady, so before you decide you need to de-clutter and clean out your handbag here are a list of essentials you should consider leaving or adding in.

Sanitizers and masks

There was a time both of these were not even close to our list of essentials but in the last year both these items have become of utmost importance. Many of us do carry hand sanitizers in our handbags and now masks have to become a must. You never know where your day will take you and therefore it is vital to always be prepared with a spare mask.

Wet wipes and tissues too are essential, as you can never say when they would come in handy. Regardless of whether you are carrying a large bag or just a clutch you shouldn’t forget this. There are brands such as saben NZ that you can find on online stores that are minimalistic, easy to carry bags.

Basic makeup

You may not be able to carry your entire make up with you but there are the bare minimums that are a must. Firstly, a moisturizer is highly recommended. Regardless of the weather skin can dry out fast and it is important to make sure your skin is always hydrated.

Carrying light touch up makeup can be useful especially if you are going to have a long day and need to look good throughout. Simple eye makeup, lipstick or balm depending and whatever you use daily should be kept in your hang bag at all times.

Basic medication

Carrying basic medication such as painkillers or allergy tablets has never been a bad idea. You never know when it will come in useful for yourself or someone else. Carrying a card of basic medicine will ensure you are always prepared. It is essential to carry any medication that you take often and to keep a backup in your handbag just so you are always prepared.

Business cards

Nowadays everyone is either an entrepreneur or work for a company. Either way most of us carry business cards that come in handy whenever an opportunity presents itself. This is essential if you have your own business and every person you meet can become a potential stakeholder. This way you are always prepared and never out of business opportunity.

Water bottles

Hydration is no joke so you should not take it lightly. Always carry a small plastic bottle with you regardless of where you are heading. You never know when you may get thirsty and water is always the best source of hydration.

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