Being a new mom is scary and exhausting. She is taking care of a little human, she is sleep deprived, her home is in a mess, she hasn’t had a peaceful meal in so long and the tragedy continues. She can use all the help and gifts she is provided with in every aspect possible. Gifting something truly meaningful for the mother and for the baby will be of great use. So here are some creative gifts you can give her that she will enjoy.

Organize events

Regardless of whether it is a birth announcement, baptism or a naming party, the neo-mom has her hands full and is definitely happy for support. There are many things to do when organizing a celebration. From invitations to décor to food, you can provide a helping a helping hand in organizing it all. Look into the formalities such as getting the child’s birth certificate, communicating with the church etc. Next, plan out some simple food and décor that can be enjoyed by all.

Something to hold memories in

Even if you don’t want to believe it at the moment, but time flies! And albums or a baby calendar will help to note the most important events. Baby’s first laugh, first steps, first words, first outing; everything can be captured and entered into the albums. The mom would love to flip through the pages in a few years to reminisce the memories and she will think of you every time she goes through it. you can also gift her a picture frame that can hold about 4-10 pictures that can be hung in the baby room.

Bring food and help with household chores

The mom is busy with the baby and hence may not have had time to do any household chores or cook a proper meal. You can send a fruit delivery or take some dinner lunch over. While there, help around the house; do the laundry, vacuum and dust about, cook for the week and put them in containers in the fridge, water the plants, run some errand, do grocery shopping for her and just let the mom rest for the day. You can also offer to babysit while she takes a long and well-deserved nap or tends to any other work.

Take her out

She surely has missed out on taking care of herself. Take her out for shopping, do a pedicure, a spa-day with relaxing body massages, or an appointment at the hairdresser.After a few exhausting weeks, such a break is good – provided she has a reliable babysitter. While out, ease out her stress and let her relax for those few hours. Scrap the baby talk; let her feel like a woman again.

Often times new moms feel insecure and anxious about their bodies and hence will face difficulties while shopping or undressing at the spa. Let her know that you understand her bodily changes and that you support her all the way. You being there for emotional support will make her happy more than anything.

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