Building a professional kitchen with advanced equipment is indeed a dream to chase. While it may not be an overnight change or process, you can still start off with some of the small yet common items that can help make your cooking process a lot easier to deal with. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen essentials or even gift someone, here are a few items that’ll help take your kitchen a step further.

Digital thermometer

This can be a lot handy than you think and if you’re someone who enjoys cooking various dishes, then you know it! Be it savoury stuff or even sweet related recipes, it could be a life saver. You wouldn’t have to worry about the dish being overcooked or undercooked if you’ve got a digital thermometer with you. 

Stick Blender

This is also called a hand blender, but most commonly known as an immersion blender. This can help blend and puree and is a more easy-to-handle and portable version of a big blender or food processor. You can make things like soup, smoothies, baby food and even homemade mayo with it.

French Press

If you’re a coffee person, this is a must have to make your coffee process a whole lot better. It allows the coffee to diffuse through the water and has a built-in filter. This could even be used for diffusing and filtering your favourite tea. You can find yourself a good French press from the Maxwell Williams cookware collection.

Garlic Press

Chopping and crushing garlic can be a tedious task. With a garlic press however, the task becomes so much more convenient. All you need to do is place garlic in it and crush it over the pot or pan and that’s it. You can move onto the next step and carry-on cooking!


Now although we all probably have this for draining pasta or spaghetti, the greatest and best part of this is that you could even use to clean your fresh fruits and vegetables without any mess or struggles. This is a long-lasting product and can come in handy a lot more than you think.

Salad Spinner

From keeping your salad leaves to all other green leaves crisp rather than wet and soggy, a salad spinner can be the perfect kitchen tool for the job. This helps dry up the washed leaves allowing it to get marinated in dressing all the better. You could even use it to dry up fruits and other vegetables.

Wooden Spoon Set

Having a wooden spoon set comes with many advantages. You can scrape off the pan without worries about damaging pans especially non-stick ones. They also have a stronger handle which give you a better grip and they also withstand heat a lot better than the metal ones.

Knife Sharpener

Just like pencils, the knives edges – no matter how sharp in the beginning – eventually tends to get slightly blunt with heavy use. Keeping a knife sharpener by your side can help you restore the sharpness in the blade.

Just like these few mentioned above, there are so many little kitchen gadgets that can prove to be a worthy investment.

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