Digital Footprint refers to information that can be gleaned from someone’s internet activity and online presence which can then be used to build a profile on them. This information can then be used to predict their behaviour with regards to browsing habits. For a business, their digital footprint is what potential customers or employees see when they look them up online. Their digital presence will, in most cases, be the first impression a person has on a particular business. Therefore, managing your digital footprint ensures that you have a say in how you are perceived by potential customers and how your organisation is presented to the digital world.

Effect on Brand

Traditional brand identity is largely coalesced with Digital Footprint in modern times. You should ensure that your organisation’s values and structure are presented in your website. It can serve to differentiate your brand from the competition with relatively low effort. Having a visible and prominent brand identity also aids in recruitment ventures as talented applicants will prefer to be employed at a reputed place of work.

Impact of Social Media

Whether or not a business is viewed positively by its customers can be determined with a cursory glance at the organisations’ social media pages. The ability to interact directly with customers is a boon when deftly wielded as it grants the ability to foster closer relationships with them but can backfire and easily result in lost goodwill due to inexperience with social media management.

Social media also takes a prominent place in advertising your business, as most social media services collect user data to effectively serve advertisements, which, if properly utilised can result in increased exposure and positive digital presence. Social media advertisements ensure that they are served to users most likely to engage with the content, which increases overall satisfaction among both users and businesses. Learn more about how social media advertising can help your business maintain its digital footprint at facebook ads Geelong.

Building a Positive Digital Footprint

Engaging with the public via social media is a risky but rewarding way to gain rapport. However, the people behind the social media presence of the business should be well trained and experienced as their mistakes can cost the business substantially in terms of goodwill, revenue, and reputation. Maintaining an up-to-date website and social media profile with relevant and working contact information go a long way towards maintaining customer satisfaction. Periodic updates and posts about the business and its products and positive engagement with customers will ensure that the brand stays relevant in the customers’ minds and this interaction will be visible in the future to anyone who looks up the business. One might consider outsourcing this to a company that specialises in brand/social media management, but they are not infallible and can be expensive or even unnecessary unless the scale or nature of the business demands it.

The digital footprint of an organisation is its vanguard in this era and taking control of it early on will take yours that much closer to success.

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