Managing a team is not as easy as it sounds, but it surely has a ring to it because of the prestige and the perception of capacity and capability to handle people. But in practice it is not a skill that one can acquire or learn overnight, because it is not that easy to handle people because each person has a different mindset, set of values, and even motivation in going to work.

Thus, it is one of the main tasks of a team leader in a project to consolidate those factors into goals, and in doing so create a group aim out from the personal goals that are differing from each other. Creating cohesion only then can a team leader create a real functional team. So here are some of the professional tips in managing a team to accomplish a project.

Create a Connection

In starting to work with your team, do the most important thing first, you have to create a connection. Connection in a professional context. The idea with it is that you cannot work with people whom you do not share a goal or has no common ground with them.

So, for starters, you have to build a connection and create a wonderful working relationship with them. Then this relationship must be built on trust and respect not based on ranks and hierarchy but based on the idea that the leader cannot do the project alone and so does the team members alone. Thus, the first steps is to admit humility yet maintain a spirit of cooperation.

Organize a Workplace

According to social psychology crowding in a small space invokes the feeling of aggression and anxiety for everyone. It is very important to note that as a team leader one of the tasks that you have to set first is to have a functional working space for your team.

The workplace should be fitting the tasks and goals that you will be doing and will be trying to achieve along the course of time as a team. BTP workspaces are one of the companies which offers great workplace venues for companies which need such space. And according to data, it suggests that great workplace atmosphere encourages more productivity and diligence on the worker.

Keep the communication Open

In other words, the members should be readily open for any communication that can happen all throughout the project. This means that the leader is on top of every detail that is happening in the workplace and that any moment they can easily ask questions and suggest details on the task and the team should also be readily available to communicate their ideas and their own take on the decisions around the project. With such leaders can also readily and easily notice results and outputs produced by the team.

It is not so much as being a leader that people want to work with and for you, but it is on the leader being a facilitator and a team player that the whole team would find a good and meaningful experience and reason to work with a leader.

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