Determining your face shape can be pretty much difficult. You would go into a salon with an image of your favorite celebrity and would come out disappointed with the result. The deal is not with the hair stylist; rather it is with not knowing what style would match with your face. Know your face shape and get ready to have a whole new look.

Round face shape

Round face shapes have chubby cheeks which tends to be wider and shorter. It is better to avoid hairstyles that shows theroundnessof the face since they are already full.

If you have a worthy jawline with visible cheekbones, pixie cut with chops would do great to highlight them.

Most prefer long hair for it makes the face looks slim and longer. Long straight hair that sticks on the sides looks great for a round face shape. But if you prefer it to be curly or wavy, adding layers would keep the face from looking it from looking too wide. For a more slenderlook, leaving a couple or more inches to fall a bit below your chin would look great.

Bobs cuts with short layers make your face look broader. So if you want your face to look less wider than it is, it’s better to avoid such cuts.

Long face shapes

These type faces are usually longer than it’s wide and rectangular shaped. Cuts that adds volume near the cheeks would be the most definite cut for long face shapes. It helps the length look shorter.

For a medium length hair, a cut with side swept bangs making it wavy creates a less lengthy face look. If you are into curling, curl it so that the curls are most wide near your cheekbone. That is if you want your long face to look wider.

Oval face shapes

Oval faces are usually misread as a long face. It is longer than its width and has a longer jawline that are slightly slimmer than the wideness of the forehead. The greatest hairstyle looks out there are for oval face types. Don’t want to make your oval face look longer? Avoid hair that limp hair falling onto the sides.

Razored crop with uneven layers for short hair styles for your face shape are on trend. This makes your face look raised upwards.

For a medium length, try a smooth bob cut that curls as it touches the jawline. The spherical outline this cut forms helps the face looks fuller.

If you have an oval shaped face and prefer long hair, long layers with waves that cascades heavily on your shoulders looks prodigious.

Heart shaped faces

Heart shaped faces are opposite to that are opposite of an oval face, having a tender chin. Long jagged bangs is the go-to style for this shaped face.

The modern look for short length hair is the one with full eye skimming bangs that visually lengthen a more wide face. Request your stylist for a short, unified layers and picked sides that extends till the neck.

Adding textured layers for a medium length hair that ends pointing away from the face balances out the smaller chin of this face type. Trimming the layers that begin at the cheekbones would look great.

For longer hairstyles, layers with trimmed end which frames your face is what you need to ask your stylist. This style makes the forehead seem slighter and its soft curls even out a pointed chin.

Square face shapes

If you have an angular jawline with horizontalhairline and jaw then no doubts, it is a square face shape. A typical square face is slightly rectangular or have its length as long as its width. When layering, note that if the layers gets too short it makes the face looks wider.

Go for styles that soften your jawline. The best hairstyles are straight with layers, flimsy side bangs or bangs that ends at your cheekbones. A feathered fringe for longer hair having heavy, chopped bangs blending into lengthier wavy layers creates an oval form.

Trust your instincts and go with it. At the end, before you start styling it, get the advice from your stylist to avoid future regrets.

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