Flowers are one of the best types of gifts that suit almost anyone. But to make strong impressions, understand the globally accepted psychology behind flowers must be well understood. Roses are one of the most profound types o flowers that have won the hearts of millions over the years. Even if you’ve been presenting roses for a long time, have you ever thought that there is a good chance that you’re doing it wrong? If it’s wrong, how exactly is it wrong?

To answer all these questions, let us look at some of the fundamental aspects of the gifts of rose.

What type? What color? How many?

Different colors of roses express different meanings. Out of them, some most popular colors will never go out of style. They such as, red, white, pink, black, and blue. Although there are other shades, it might be the best idea to stick to these. The reason behind this is that the colors of unconventional roses can be found in other extremely popular types of flowers as their signature color.

Red represents love, white represents purity, black represents new beginnings, blue represents mystery, and pink represents gentleness. As long as you know that 3 flowers mean ‘I love you, 6 symbolizes the need to be loved, 9 represents eternity, 12 characterizes gratitude, 18 for apologizing, 25 to congratulate, and 50 for the unconditional love, you know more than hundreds and hundreds in the subject.

How long will they last?

If you’re doing everything right, you can get the roses to last for a week. If they were not put in water immediately after being cut off, they won’t even stay alive for even a few hours. But what if you’re an old-school romantic? Or what if you want to show long overdue love for your mother? Or what if someone has less than a year to live, and you just want them to feel that your love is there with them?

For needs that suit this section, you can go for long lasting roses that do not die at least for a whole year. Are they made of special plastic? No; they’re real roses. The secret behind this is the application of a special natural solution that extremely reduces the aging process. Thus, you have got your solution right in front of you.

Ways to increase the impact

There was a time when roses came in bouquets, and that was the only arrangement. But what if you wanted to make things extra special? What if you wanted to send red roses in a heart-shaped box? Or maybe, tag along with a teddy bear that barely costs 100$? Or maybe some chocolates along with a scented candle?

Whichever option you’re settling for, floral gifts, especially the rose ones have the highest impact when paired with such amazing items. However, it would be a hassle if you had to order from two different places and that’s why you should try to find florists who do it all.

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