Canvas printing is widely popular when it comes to transforming your photos into a more unique format. The basics of the process are simple as you are simply transferring a photographic image onto a canvas. But there is a lot of technology involved in creating a quality print.

You can get exceptional quality from a giclee canvas printing because of the techniques used and you need to make sure that you go to an experienced service provider as well. There are studios that will be able to offer high saturation shades and sharp renderings of your photograph for a premium quality print. Make sure that the studio that you go to uses the latest technology and high quality solvent based or water based ink. This will ensure that you get a high intensity of print. You can also ask about the hypoallergenic properties of the print and whether the materials used are eco-friendly. There are so many formats, variations and sizes that canvas prints come in so you will be able to customize the print to your preferences. But you need to make sure that you provide a high resolution photograph so that you can go for a higher size canvas and a better quality print.

Ask the studio about the styles that you can go for with the picture that you provide. You can digitally edit the photo and make it more artistic or abstract before you put it in for a print to get a truly rare work of art. You can also ask whether the size you require can be achieved by what you have given them to work with. Canvas prints can be long lasting and you will not see any fading for a long time when proper techniques are adopted to safeguard the quality of the print. There are coatings or lamination that can ensure a long lasting print. Canvas prints don’t give a glare and they can give a great impression to any interior.  The speciality of canvas print is that they are one of a kind. You will have a unique reproduction of a family photograph or any photograph that you hold dear. This is a great option for wall art.

However, you need to think about the budget when deciding to go for a canvas print. They are reasonably affordable but you will be able to get a cheaper deal if you are going for a mass produced photo print or poster. As this is a reproduction of a photo that is of personal value to you, this will carry more emotional weight than a mass produced painting. You can also check with different service providers to see what the normal rates are and if you do get a higher rate, you can check with the studio to see if they use a different technique that brings more value to the product. Make sure you decide where you are planning to hang the canvas print so that you can be accurate in the sizing that you require.

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