Although advertising of all forms is quite influential when done right, visual advertising would always have a greater impact. After all, grasping informing is much easier when seen than just heard.

Since you can’t run the modern salon without advertising and marketing, you must ensure to take the necessary measures that suit your needs. In doing so, here are some of the best visual marketing tactics that your salon can use in dominating the market in the 2020s.

Sharing photos of your clients, with consent

A lot of people who need their cut or their hair done generally don’t have a precise idea of what they need. For example, there can be a man who knows the hair should be shortened, but just not how shortened or the final look. The solution for this is the magnificent marketing tool of sharing client photos comes into play. Once your potential clients start to see these pictures, they’d not only get an idea of what they want, they’d also be convinced that you can do it. For the best effect, ensure to upload both the before and after photos with the consent of the clients.

Advertising in front of the salon

Whenever a person is driving past a certain food outlet, they know that they do. Thanks to all the detailed banners containing the food types and prices, along with all the signature branding options, it’s not all too hard to understand what you can find there. This might not be the best idea when it comes to more sophisticated salons; it’s just not the culture. But unlike being excessively descriptive, you should check whether your salon has one of the signature barber poles in front of your salon. Being a part of the salon culture for a long time, a salon would truly not be complete without one.

In making a purchase, you’ll have a few options to choose from. The first option is the type where there is no movement and no inner lighting. The second option has the spiral movement, but no lights, and the third option has all two features. Choosing the color and the size is a decision up to you as long as a pole ends up in front of your salon for good. As a pro tip, it’d be better to find these online rather than at stores because the online prices are always going to be lower.

Apart from the signature pole, you can always install neon signs and minimalistic signage, but nothing too descriptive that takes away the classiness of your salon.

Sponsoring popular fashion events

Brand visibility is one of the key aspects in making your business be known to the crowd. Thus, it’s essential that you affiliate with popular events as a sponsor. Does this mean spending a certain amount of money to appear in a souvenir? No! what you should do is provide services. To do that, restocking your inventory, and getting new furniture would be necessary. But given how impactful this visual marketing tactic is, it’s going to be an investment.

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