Tea also known as the “wonder drug”, offers numerous benefits and comes in a variety of flavours. Moreover, the free radicals in this drink are said to contain anti-aging properties and the soothing aroma is said to aid in relaxing the mind. 

Drinking a cup of tea when tired can relieve the body from fatigue as the natural ingredients in this drink would cause the mind and body to reach a state of alert and also increase the consciousness, making it easier to continue to work. When compared with water, drinking tea is considered to be more beneficial as it provides antioxidants to the body while hydrating it.

Where did it originate?

Tea is obtained from the leaves of the plant, Camellia sinensis which is considered to be a native plant of India and China. Initially tea was consumed as an herbal drink in China. It was in the 1980s that the commercial production of tea had started and according to historical facts, the British had started tea production in India in order to compete with the tea production in China. Tea plantation on Sri Lanka was also initiated during the British colonial era.

The process of making tea leaves

Tea is made by processing the tea leaves of the plant through drying, steaming and fermentation. After plucking the tea leaves, since tea leaves are usually very thick and needs to be softened, they are laid out to wilt while controlling the humidity and temperature.

The next step is called bruising during which the leaves are twisted and crushed. The purpose of this process is to break the cell wall of the cells in the leaves. This is followed by the oxidation process where the leaves are left to turn brown. The next two steps are called fixing and drying where the leaves are heated to cease the oxidation process and dried to remove moisture respectively.

Making a cup of tea

The ingredients needed to make a proper cup of tea are, tea leaves or tea bags and hot water. Since most people prefer to have milk tea, adding a little bit of milk to the drink is also an option.Similarly, you can even learn how to make chai tea which has a mixture of different spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger included in the tea. While it looks very easy to make a cup of tea. An interesting fact is that experts have found about 24 million different methods to make tea.

Different varieties of tea

There are different types of tea. There is green tea, black tea, white tea and also yellow tea. Out of these types, the less processed types such as white tea, green tea, and yellow tea are said to contain the greatest number of antioxidants. When considering other benefits of consuming this drink, research had shown that consuming tea helps to significantly reduce high blood pressure.

In fact, drinking about a half a cup of green tea daily apparently decreases the risk of developing high blood pressure by 50%. Green tea is also said to play a role in reducing eye problems. Not only that drinking tea is also said of help in boosting the immune system, and also in warding off heart diseases and even cancer. These facts certainly point out to the fact that tea is indeed a “wonder drug”.

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