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Iz Connell

Iz  is a Bachelor of Social Work student who aspires to work with the LGBTI community, people with psychotic and schizophrenia spectrum disorders, or in social policy... She hasn't decided which is more interesting yet. An advocate for mental health, LGBTI people and socio economically disadvantaged people since a young age, Iz has lived with depression since age 10 and schizoaffective disorder since early adulthood. 

Iz regularly volunteers for community organizations, particularly where she can use her knowledge base as a lesbian, a person with a psychiatric disability and as a social work student. She divides her time between Newcastle and Sydney and lives with her parents and miniature fox terrier Harvey. She enjoys dance parties, shopping and eating good food.

Heidi Haydon 

As a result of a motorcycle accident in in 2009, Heidi is now a T4 complete paraplegic. Since leaving hospital, Heidi has endeavoured to gain experience and knowledge about living her new life while keeping true to herself. With Heidi's ever-changing hair and nail colours, she made the move from Wollongong to live in the big city with her partner and spends her time working, riding and having fun.

As an Ambassador for Sargood Foundation and in her role as an Education Officer at SCIA, Heidi gets to share her experiences and serve as a helping hand, empowering people in a similar situation and showing that nothing can hold you back.

Heidi has travelled to Europe, America and across Australia. She loves going out with mates to music gigs in the city and music festivals, even if they aren't typically accessible. Where there's a will, there's a way. Heidi is now riding a modified trike, which enables Heidi to get back to her motorbike roots.

Nathan Basha

Nathan has Down syndrome but he says, “That’s not who I am”. He has spoken at international and national conferences, political forums, corporate functions, universities, schools, community groups and workshops, sharing his insights about what can happen when people are encouraged to live their dreams and live life to their full potential. 

Nathan is a film maker. He attended The University of Sydney and works at the prominent radio station Nova 96.9. Nathan believes if change is truly to occur "It's in the mind sets - the fixed and mixed mind sets that create barriers and we need to break through that, allow more people to have a chance in life and allow people's ability the chance to shine. What you see on the outside is one thing, but what you see on the inside is more". Nathan lives in his own home along with two flatmates in Huntley's Cove.

Jim Medcraft 

A Video Jockey, actor and filmmaker whose career has seen Jim  work with major touring artists including Hayden James and the Ashton Shuffle as well as recognisable brands including B&T, Ministry of Sound and Chinese Laundry.

On tour in Texas with Australian DJ Alison Wonderland in February 2016, Jim was involved in a hit and run accident that resulted in a multitude of serious injuries including broken bones - including his spine, fibula tibias and collarbone - as well as minor brain damage.

Since his accident, Jim has dedicated his time to recovery. In October he completed a stint at a Balmain rehabilitation centre and is now resuming one of his major passions, video production. This years Don't Dis My Ability campaign is Jim's first major project since resuming work.

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