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Looking back, looking forward

Lucy Reynhout

As the year draws to a close, Lucy Reynhout reflects on the highlights of her final year of school and what the future may hold.

Giving inclusion a sporting chance

George Ayoub
In 1983, George Ayoub established the Push and Power Sports Association of NSW, providing the opportunity for people with and without disability to come together for the love of the game.

You live and you learn

Prue McCarthy
Education has played an important and ongoing role in the life of Prue McCarthy.

The trip of a lifetime

Jake Briggs
Jake Briggs charts the journey that led from the Aboriginal Disability Network of NSW to an elopement in Italy – via the United Nations in Geneva.

Preparing for life in the fast lane

Liam Luff
As he approaches his final years of high school, Liam Luff looks to the future with one eye on a career in business and the other on the athletics track.

Stiff what? Life with a rare condition…

David Napier
Three years ago, David Napier had never heard of Stiff Person Syndrome. That all changed in December 2010, when David literally became one in a million – that’s how rare Stiff Person Syndrome is.

Wearing your heart on your wheels

Jo Berry
What is it like to have one of the most sensitive parts of your life on display around the clock? Jo Berry explores what it means to have a visible disability.

All the signs of good communication

Young-Joo Byun
When there are so many ways to communicate with friends, family and the wider community, being deaf is not an obstacle, writes Young-Joo Byun.

Down the rabbit hole

John Hessey
Having a vision impairment has led John Hessey to see the world a little more creatively…


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