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Ambassadors in the news

Our 2014 Don't DIS my ABILITY ambassadors are sharing their stories in local and state media. 

Turning dreams into reality

Darien Brown
Darien Brown, 2014 Don’t DIS My ABILITY ambassador and No Offence, But! cabaret comedy star, shares his secret for a fulfilling life.

Meet Katelyn

Katelyn Gales
Get to know 2014 Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassador Katelyn Gales.

My photography

Bodene Davies
Don’t DIS my ABILITY 2014 ambassador Bodene Davies shares her passion for photography.

Is your husband blind?

Donna Purcell
Donna Purcell, 2014 Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassador, on the questions we ask when getting to know new people. 

Climbing Mount Everest

David Napier
David Napier, one of the 2013 Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassadors, has had a trying year. He provides an insight into the challenges that he has faced and his determination to overcome them.

The apprentice

Shane Cubis - Made You Look 2014 contributor
Twenty-year-old Joshua Joseph has a head for numbers as well as a newfound passion for cars, thanks to his job in an Auburn automotive workshop. 

Meet Cormac

Cormac Ryan
Cormac Ryan is our youngest ever Don't DIS my ABILITY ambassador. He is seven turning eight soon and wrote about what he likes doing!

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