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Independence Day

Liv Princi

Olivia Princi, 22 says the job hunt can be a scary process for anyone to go through, but especially for people with disability. She shares her experience of finding a job and how it has inspired her to achieve her biggest goal - total independence.

The secret of my success

Sean Webber

In need of pep-talk? Sean Webber who works in recruitment is here to motivate you to go out there and make it happen. He speaks from experience as a person with disability (he has cerebral palsy) and has demonstrated tremendous tenacity from the moment he left school and entered the workforce to build a bright future for himself with every opportunity.

Go your own way

Tish Perius

Tish Peiris is a former journalist now filmmaker who is using this medium to tell stories and advocate for people with disability. She is currently making a short film about the accessibility of New South Wales beaches. In 1994 Tish sustained a brain injury in a car accident in Sri Lanka. Since forging a career in filmmaking she has discovered that when opportunities to work don’t come knocking, you have to open the doors yourself.

Career in Flight / Ready for take off

Abdul Karim Bouchafaa

Hi, I’m Abdul Karim Bouchafaa. In 2016, my career has finally taken off, and I can really say that I am living my dream.

Stars in his eyes

Nathan Basha

“I am living the dream!” It’s a phrase you will often hear me say when I tell people the sort of work I do every day.

When one door closes…

Mary O'Connell

In 2009 Mary O’Connell’s world was turned upside down. After being bullied at work she took the courageous step and stood up for herself only to be made redundant six weeks later. Determined to get back into the workforce she picked up herself up and dusted herself off and took a leap of faith that the next job would be different.

Things I do at work / Girl About Town

Clare Scott

Clare Scott is 22 and for the past year she’s joined the throng of city workers making her way from the northern beaches to her job as an Administrative Assistant at an accountancy firm in Sydney.

Give us a break!

Donna Purcell

Donna Purcell knows the struggle of forging a career as a person with a disability first hand. She is a senior manager at the Commonwealth Bank and recently completed a secondment at the Australian Human Rights Commission working on the Willing to Work Inquiry which investigated the state of employment for people with disability in Australia. Donna has a vision impairment and in her work at the bank she ensures accessibility and inclusion for people with disability is embedded in the activities of the bank. She shares her insights as to why greater inclusion of people with a disability is a matter of urgency.

Speaking for myself

Iz Connell

Iz Connell is 23 and lives with a psychosocial disability called schizoaffective disorder. Iz who studied social work has found the public commentary directed at people with disability and their capacity to work frustrating, short-sighted and insulting. She aspires to use her voice to advocate for herself as a person with disability and as a member of the gay community. She lives with her family in Newcastle.

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