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Career in Flight / Ready for take off

Abdul Karim Bouchafaa

Hi, I’m Abdul Karim Bouchafaa. In 2016, my career has finally taken off, and I can really say that I am living my dream.

Abdul Karim Bouchafaa  

I’m a motivational non-speaker, and I run a show about disability inclusion, my story, and my philosophy on life. Through my business Karim’s Mojo Disco I aim to show the world just how much people with disabilities have to offer.

My performance tells my personal story and gives the audience practical ideas to become more inclusive of people with disabilities. Most importantly, it’s Mojovational!
Abdul Karim Bouchafaa 2
The Mojo Disco is electric and empowering and the crowd always has fun. It is structured around five of my favourite songs. One of these is ‘Where you from’ by Beau Ryan. I use this song to engage my audience by asking where they are from. In between songs I share one of my philosophies on life, which relate to positivity and determination. I have experienced discrimination and when I tell this story the young children in my audience have been surprised that this still happens. The good news is that my workshop gives the audience practical ways to welcome people with disability. My disability hasn’t stopped me from being part of the community because I love people. I want the audience to leave the workshop with a tune in their head and to think about their life and disability in new ways.
Abdul Karm Bouchafaa 3 
I have a great team who have helped me to launch my career. Sean is an actor who works with me. Everything really took off when he joined the team. He wrote a brilliant script for the show and we haven’t looked back. My project manager Melissa and I have lots in common. She makes sure everyone is talking to each other, works on public relations, and also books me gigs.
Abdul Karim Bouchafaa 4
I love to connect with my audience and I do this throughout the show. I really enjoy meeting people at the end I sign autographs which is really fun!
My bottom line is that I make people think in a different way and challenge them to think positively about disability.
Abdul Karim Bouchafaa 6 
To find out more about how to get Mojovational visit Karim’s Mojo Disco Facebook page.

Presented by Family & Community Services
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