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Employment Profile: Cara Hay

Cara Hay

Disability: Cerebral Palsy (spastic diplegia). It affects me from the hips down. I use a walking stick and a walker for long distances.
Current job: I work three days a week as an Administration Officer at Family & Community Services (FACS) in Bega. I have been working there for seven years which is the longest time I’ve spent in a job. I love it!
Support at work: I like my independence but I also have support worker who comes to work every Monday morning for three hours to help with any tasks I need assistance with. 
Employment challenge: Before working at FACS there were times when I worked various jobs at once. It became too difficult to balance and I would be disappointed when I would have to give one of them up as I really enjoyed working.  
For the love of the job: I just don’t understand why it has to be so hard for people with disability to work when they can.
Pet peeve: I don’t like it when people feel sorry for me because of my disability. They really shouldn’t. I was born this way and I love my life and isn’t that what matters the most?!
Life with a disability: I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked “what’s wrong with you?”  or “why do you walk that way?” I used to get annoyed by it but I don’t any more. I know people are just curious about my disability and I usually tell them to Google Cerebral Palsy (spastic diplegia) to find out more about my disability.
Outlook on life: I’m a very confident and positive person lives my life to the fullest. My disability doesn’t stop me living my life my way!
How humour helps: I always joke about my disability because I like to have humour in my life. Being negative just takes up too much energy. If you are a positive person your energy is used in a good way.

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