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Nathan Basha

“I am living the dream!” It’s a phrase you will often hear me say when I tell people the sort of work I do every day.

I work at Nova 96.9 radio, the one with the Fitzy and Wippa show. I’ve been employed there on a permanent part-time basis since 2010 and I love it. You may be wondering what I do at Nova? Well I’m not in the DJ studio just yet, although I’m working up to it! I’m employed as an Office Assistant and my job includes doing the mail run, the filing and other admin tasks.
Nathan Basha at workNathan Basha at work two
With my interest in film and in music, it really is a good environment for me. My role has changed over time and I am now also part of the “Casanova Team” which has me involved in promotional work for the station. I have the coolest job as the people I work with are mostly young, hip and cool. 
Nathan Basha - Nova Promotion
I also have another job one day a week as a Team Assistant at Taste Creative, a creative agency that makes films and on other cool projects. It’s a smaller environment than at NOVA but the people who work there are a similar age to me and have a passion for all things film, so I fit in well.
Nathan Basha filming
I love my jobs as not only do I get paid which helps me to save up for the things that I enjoy doing such as going to movies, socialising with friends and travelling overseas, it is also a great place to meet other people and to get out and socialise. 

At NOVA we have great Christmas parties and throughout the year we get to go to movie premieres and various other promotional events.

At Taste Creative we have a lot of lunches together and go for after work drinks. We also have themed events too, for example we had a dinner for the finale of the TV show The Bachelor.

There have been so many highlights for me at work but probably the most memorable is when I’ve met some big celebrities such as the band Good Charlotte and I got to shake hands with Hugh Jackman as well. I also got to go to the ARIAs and I’ve been involved in some pretty incredible film shoots.
Nathan Basha and Hugh Jackman
In the future I’d love to continue working at Nova and also at Taste so I can continue to develop my film making skills. Ultimately, I’d love to be a film director and I want to continue working towards that goal. Watch out Hollywood! 

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