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Clare Scott

Clare Scott is 22 and for the past year she’s joined the throng of city workers making her way from the northern beaches to her job as an Administrative Assistant at an accountancy firm in Sydney.

I work at Gunderson Briggs Accountancy. At work I have a lot of things I’m responsible for each day, like preparing meeting rooms and collecting the mail. When I get back from the post office I sort the mail and deliver it to my colleagues or scan it into folders on the computer for people to look at. I also do other admin tasks I’m given.
Clare Scott

I enjoy my job and my place of work and I feel like the people I interact with are nice and friendly. The work environment is welcoming of my sort of disability, which is an intellectual disability.
I feel like some people are afraid of people with disabilities. I’m afraid that people are too closed-minded to know how we feel and that they don’t know the sorts of tasks at work we can do. I’m worried that people are too afraid to open up to people in the disability world and I think they need to stop doing that. They need to not be afraid because we are just like regular people. I think we just need to be accepted.

Clare recently spoke at the NSW Council for Intellectual Disability Annual Conference. See a video of Clare in action in the work place. Shortly after filming Clare went on to find her paid job at Gunderson Accountancy.

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