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The inclusion of people with disability in the workplace can improve company culture and people with disability are often more productive.

People with disability offer an array of skills and abilities to their employer across many and varied occupations and trades. People with disability often have unique skills and abilities which means they can be the best person for the job. 

Unfortunately, discrimination on the basis of disability remains a significant barrier to the employment of people with disability nationwide. 
In NSW, there are over 1.3 million people with disability. Approximately 650,000 are of working age and of this group, approximately 20% (close to 123,000) are able to work however are currently unemployed.

Myths Busted

  • Employees with disability generally take less scheduled leave than other employees.
  • Employing people with disability does not cost any more. Assistance with the cost of making workplace adjustments is available through the Australian Government funded Workplace Modifications Scheme.
  • An Australian Government review of research found that workers with disability are no more likely to be injured at work than other employees.
  • To find out more, Opportunity is a publication launched in 2008 that outlines the tangible benefits to be gained when organisations begin to build disability confidence.

How to employ a person with Disability in your Workplace

The Australian Network on Disability

The Australian Network on Disability offer various levels of support to businesses that want to increase their disability confidence (Disability Confident Recruiter). Read about some success stories (Stepping Into success stories) and find out about how to be a confident recruiter of people with disability. 

Find out more by reading Australian Network on Disability publications which are free to any organisation. Or view their membership-

Find a match with Job Support

Find out more about how you can employ a person with Intellectual Disability through Job Support. Jobsupport is a Disability Employment Services - Employment Support Service funded by the Department of Social Services.
Jobsupport undertakes a thorough and quality-tested process to match someone with an intellectual disability to a job that is right for him or her and also a person who is compatible for your workplace.

NOVA Employment

NOVA Employment is a Government funded employment service that works with people who have a disability.  Visit Nova Employment for information on how to recruit someone with disability today.

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